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Hi my name is Gabriel Pages and I am an Artist.

Over the past fifteen years, I've had the pleasure of working in a wide variety of roles such as Storyboard Artist, Photo Retoucher, Theme Park Concept Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Pharmaceutical Concept Artist and over-all Art Director. 

My unique and eclectic background gives me the ability to approach a visual problem from a variety of perspectives. I'm often asked by clients to "fix" existing projects that require visual solutions. But I would say that every visual story, project or idea, requires visual problem-solving.

And the more options available, the more elegant the solution.  


NBC Universal, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Brand New School, Psyop, Charlex, Rethink Leisure and Entertainment, Ogilvy, Biolumina, Harrison & Starr, Sudler and Hennessey, Hogarth Worldwide. 

Gabriel Pages 2022_edited.jpg


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